Creating sidebar menu

Vertical menu example

Regularly, vertical menu is used in sub pages, showing all other pages to navigate.

Step 1: Creating vertical menu with sublevels

  • Select 'Layouts' tab in 'Design' setting
  • On share modules column, click 'Add module' and select 'Menu' module
  • Select 'Vertical' option, and click 'New level' to create first level menu
  • Set 30 to height, set Font type, and right alignment.
  • Set style in regular/hover/selected states
  • Set the size for splitter and click 'Save' button
  • Click 'New level' button again to create drop down level
  • Follow above steps to set drop down level's style and click 'Save' to finish

Step 2: Add menu to pane layout

  • On share layout column, click 'Pencil' icon to edit a layout
  • Select a responsive step, in this example is 'Deskstop' and 'Tablet' versions
  • Select pane to add menu (pane 2), then select 'Modules' tab
  • Click 'Select module' button in 'On the top of the pane' and select 'Menu' module we created in previous steps
  • Click 'Save' to finish