Video background

Video background example

Video background plays in the background of module with sound including. This is suiable for main banner with big heading above

Step 1: Setting up layer module

  • In modules list, find and select Layer module to pane
  • In Height section, we can add auto/manual/ratio height bases on your need. In this example we use fixed height with 400px
  • Vertical alignment to put content on top/middle/bottom. Normally, content is in middle of the background
  • Overflow mode will let content showing inside or over the module's size
  • Click 'Add module' button to add content, add a Heading module with while color

Step 2: Setting up background video option

  • Go to 'Module setting' tab, enable Video background option and Background option
  • Go to 'Video background' tab, in Video file section, select a video file with appropriate video format
  • In Video options, enable Loop for video looping
  • Go to 'Background' tab, set a color and decrease the opacity to add dark background to video for highlighting above content
  • Click 'Save' to finish
Note: Video background only plays in Preview mode