Thumbnail gallery

Thumnail gallery example

Thumnail gallery is a gallery with small clickable thumnail, the thumnail will enlarge when clicked on.

Step 1: Setting up essential setting

Note: Have to put all images which you want to be in gallery in one folder.
  • In modules list, find and select Thumbnail module to pane
  • In Folder section, select folder containing gallery pictures
  • Select Percent (responsive) in Scailing mode section for auto size and responsive adaptation
  • Select Centered to center align thumbnail in Align section
  • Set Margin between thumnails, Columns on Responsive steps (1 thumbnail per column) and thumbnail ratio in Image format 
  • In Thumbnails section, set numbers of thumbnails will be showed
  • Enable Show pages to show other thumnails in pages
  • Enable Add download link in lightbox to show image download link
  • Enbable Show only titles in full view to show image's description in lightbox view
  • Set Description text height in description min. height section

Step 2: Setting up image description

  • Go to 'Image Descritions' tab
  • There will show a list of images which you have chosen in Folder in Step 1
  • Set description in Field section next to each image
  • Click 'Save' to finish