Scrolling anchor link

Anchor link example

An anchor link is a link on a page that brings you to a specific place on that page. Anchor links can be helpful when you want to bring a website visitor to a specific spot on a page

Setting up module anchor link

  • Edit a target module, and go to 'Module setting' tab
  • Enable 'Anchor' option
  • A new anchor tab appears, select it and set an anchor name in 'Anchor name' field, in this example the name is: picture
  • In anchor group, select 'Normal anchor' is for scrolling and 'Show hide anchor' is for show/hide module
  • In show in menues, select this to automatically show an seperate anchor menu in Destinet menues
  • Select 'Save' button to finish
There are many ways to set menu link for anchor bases on your need, in this example we are going to use automatic adding seperate menu function and menu item module.

Automatically adding seperate menu

  • To use this feature, we have to select 'If this value is checked this anchor will show as a seperate menu selection in the Destinet menus' function in Anchor setting
  • Edit the header menu in Design setting and select 'Pages' tab
  • In 'Pages type' section, select 'Pages and anchors' option
  • Select 'Ok' to finish

Add anchor menu by menu item

  • In the modules list, find and select 'Menu item' to the panes
  • In Title field, set a name, this is the title of menu item
  • Set optional options like Size, Height, Fonts... below
  • Go to 'Action' tab, select 'Scroll to anchor' option
  • A list of anchor names created before appears, select an appropriate anchor 
  • Click 'Save' button to finish