Working with Layout

Create a new layout

  • On 'Layout' in Design panel, click 'Add layout'
  • Create a name in 'Layout name'
  • Add layout columns in 'Columns count', choose pane on 'Palette' and set on 'Editor'
  • In the 'Layout', set width for each pane

Edit/Copy/Delete layout

  • Choose Pencil icon to edit the layout, where you can edit Layout name, columns quantity, panes order...
  • To copy an available layout, click Double documents icon on the layout you want to copy, a Paste layout button will appear on top, click on it to paste the layout. New copy layout has same name with old one, you should set its own name.
  • Select Trash icon to delete a layout

Enable responsive function

  • Choose 'Responsive' in General tab to enable responsive functionality

Add responsive layouts

  • In layout setting, choose numbers of responsive layout in 'Number of responsive steps', new layout tabs will be show next to primary layout.
  • Set layout columns and define a name for layout. 
  • Select pane number on the right and set to blank square, panes should be added in the same order in all layouts.
  • Set column width for each column.

Set default layouts

  • To change a different layout default (layout will be set when creating new page), select Change default layouts button.
  • Select layout you want to be default in Standard layout and default layout for detail page should be set in Standard detail layout