Creating Social Link Icons

Socials icon links example

Below is an example of Socials Link by Destinet Icon Feature

Step 1: Create Module Group with panes

In this example, we will create module group with 3 panes, each pane has 80px width and 20px margin
  • In Modules panel , find and select Module Group
  • Select 3 at Number of panes options
  • Go to Panes, set 80px for panes 1,2,3 and 20px margin for Pane 1

Step 2: Setting up Socials Icon with link

  • Select Modules tab
  • Click Add module, find and select Icon module
  • In Select icon, click to select the icon. In this example, we choose Facebook
  • In Display Properties, select size for Responsive steps, set 50px for all
  • In Title, we can leave blank or set Facebook
  • In Color, set icon color
  • In Align, set Center position
  • In Module settings tab, active Link feature, a new Link tab will appear
  • Select URL/Link to set custom link, put the facebook link in URL field, set 'Open in new window' feature
  • Click OK to save