Module templates

Create module template in design

  • On 'Module template' in Design panel, click 'Add module'
  • A module panel popup, select module which you want to be module template. 
  • Set a name for module in 'Module setting' tab. 
  • In 'Module template setting', check at checkbox if you want to active module template, that means in case this module is edited in module template, all used modules will be updated. 
  • Click 'Add field' to add data field, this field will connect to module. Select appropriate data type with the module template (e.g., Picture for Picture module, Text for Text module... ) and set data field's name.
  • In edit tab, click on Power socket icon and select data field from parent module.
  • To use new module, drag and drop new module name in Module list panel to pane and add data.