Mobile sidebar menu

Mobile Sidebar menu example

Below is an example of Mobile Sidebar Menu. It works best on Mobile devices

Setting up Destinet mobile sidebar feature

Note: In ordinary, we put mobile sidebar at right column of header group. Left column is for logo image
  • In Header group , click Add module find and select Mobile sidebar module
  • In first tab, select the mobile position (Left or Right) when openning up at Position drop down
  • At Engine option, select MMenu or DestiSidebar features.
  • Select Dark or Light theme at Theme option.
  • At Options:
    • If you want the parent page works as expander to show children pages check on 'First level should work only as a expander'
    • If you want the menu will cover entire mobile screen, check on 'Show in full width'
  • At type, where we set up sidebar expander trigger:
    • Module: select custom trigger by Destinet module
    • Image: select your available image as trigger
    • From library: Destinet supply available Menu trigger icons for your selection. In this case, we select White menu icon
  • Select Fonts for menu items at 'Normal font' and 'Selected font'
  • In Pages tab select 'Base pages on selecetd root page' to show all pages as listing
  • Click OK to save