Newsletter subscribtion

Newsletter form example


Step 1: Creating newsletter form

  • In the modules list, find and select 'Form (new)' to pane
  • In Form fields tab, click 'Add field' button to add Name field, in Type section, select 'Text', name Section set title for field. Click 'Save' button
  • Click 'Add field' button to add Email field, in Type section, select 'Text', name Section set title for field. In validation section, select 'Email' option for email validation, enable 'Required' checkbox. In Invaid text message, tell something to inform wrong input to users.
  • Click 'Save' button

Step 2: Setting up Newsletter role for contact

Note: To use this feature to add contact role, you need to purchase Permission function in our marketplace.
  • After purchasing Permission function, a 'Role' option will appear in Cogwheel drop-down list options
  • Select it and click 'Add role' button.
  • In Name section, set a name for role, in this example we add Newletters
  • In Description, leave text to explain about this role
  • In Type section, select Normal option
  • Click 'Save' to add role

Step 3: Setting up data connection for Newsletter form

What is data connection: This will automatically replace data of a field from another field.
  • Edit the Newsletter form
  • In 'Button' tab, edit available Send button
  • In Actions section, click 'Add action' button, select Users in Action group section, then select Add in Users action section
  • In User section, select  icon in Name field. Open list in and select title you have created for Name field in Step 1. Then click 'OK' button
  • In User section, select  icon in Email field. Open list in and select title you have created for Email field in Step 1. Then click 'OK' button
  • Select Contact option in User type section
  • Select Newsletter option you have created in Step 2 in Role section
  • Click 'Save' button to finish

Step 4: Creating successful subscription message

What is response message: This is an optinal step, but it is necessary to let users know whether successful or fail newsletter subscription 
  • In Button tab of form setting, edit available Send button
  • Click 'Add action' button to add new action
  • Select Response in Action group section, select Message in Response action section, then select Message option in Message type section. 
  • Enable 'Replace module content' option to hide form before showing successful newsletter message
  • In Message section, put your message to users
  • Click 'Save' button to finish