Google Analytics default Destinet events

Event category Event action Event label Description
consent enable [functional, necessary, statistical or marketing]  
ecommerce productview [productid] Detail page viewed
  addtocart [productid] Produkt added to cart
  removefromcart [productid] Product removed from cart
mailto open [obfuscated email address] Mail address link clicked
tel open [obfuscated phonenumber] Phonenumber link clicked
scroll [25%, 50%, 75%, 100%] [pageurl] User scrolled down on page
external link open [external link] User clicked on a link to a external page
document open [documenturl] A link to a document (pdf, docx etc) is clicked
Facebook share [pageurl] Share page url to facebook is clicked
Twitter share [pageurl] Share page url to Twitter is clicked
LinkedIn share [pageurl] Share page url to LinkedIn is clicked
[Form name] [Form button name] [pageurl] A form is submitted